Indoor LED


Our continuously evolving LED Technology along with reliable installation, power-up and after sales services, provide a digital experience that clearly and effectively deliver your marketing goals.



  • Perfect display performance 

  • Light weight, perfect performance 

  • Super light, cost saving 

  • Designed for fixed and rental applications 

  • Stable and convenient Power Saving


L Series L3/L6

  • Upload content via internet 

  • Easy to maintain 

  • L3- Static/LED              back-to-back 

  • L6- Dual LED back-to-back 

  • WiFi ready 


C Series C15/16/31

  • Light weight, perfect performance 

  • High Brightness, cost saving 

  • Design for fixed and rental applications 

  • Stable and convenient 


A1088 / A1688

- Uses screens, easy to install and reliable 
- General screen and energy-saving 
- Easy to maintain 
- Adjustable display brightness 

cseries (1).jpg

C Series And C7

- Suitable for both indoor and 
- Outdoor touring concerts, 
live shows, stage shows, etc. 
- Flexible application 


D4 Outdoor D3/D4

- Innovative waterproof module technology 
- Fast installation 
- Build curved screens 
- All-weather application for rental staging 


Avolution’s Indoor LED display is equipped with high-resolution pixel pitch in lightweight cabinets. It comes with seamless stitching with a special connector design to reduce gaps while installing, creating the perfect display for a variety of indoor applications.


D Series

  • Perfect display performance

  • High smoothness

  • Curve / Convex installation

  •  Perfect details design

CR Series.png

CR Series

  • CrystalView professional image processing technology

  • True Colors

  • 16:9 HD and 4K resolution

  • Simple installation and Maintennance


UHD Series

  • S- Pixel Pitch 1.6mm

  • Pixel by pixel calibration for 99% consistency.

  • Ultra High Definition Videowall

PL Series.png

PL Lite

  • Quick Installation

  • Front and Rear service modules

  • Solid cabinet design

  • Lightweight

  • Innovative side lock design

DW Series.png

DW Series

  • Easy to Operate

  • Lighter weight

  • Curve Installation

  • Modular Design and Faster maintennance

  • Advanced lock and Quick Installation

K Plus Series.png

K Series

  • Flexible Installation

  • Precision Finishing

  • No Bottom Design

  • Lightweight

  • Easy to maintain

  • Front and rear maintennance


N Series

  • Easy front service & installation

  • Flexible horizontal or vertical installation

  • Check performance status in real time to find failures

  • Mobile device monitoring via IOS or Android apps

  • 8.8kg/cabinet, 26kg/m (only N4W 9.2kg)


Transparent LED Display

  • High Transparency, 80%

  • Lightweight, 14kg

  • Fast Installation

  • High brightness and energy saving

  • Easy maintenance

  • Stable and reliable

  • Wide applications