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Reach People with LED on Wheels!

Avo LED Truck

Most mobile billboards are dedicated, customized LED trucks with large bodies for displaying advertisements. Some of these dedicated units offer features such as external sound systems, illumination, LED panels and hot/cold boxes for product sampling, although they are illegal in many cities. Digital mobile billboard trucks have become popular, but the most capable in terms of gaining exposure are static mobile billboards. Static mobile billboards do not share advertising space.

Some of the most cost-effective mobile billboards are installed wraps on trucks and trailers that are in service delivering goods serving as multi-purpose vehicles achieving "green status" or "truck side advertising".

Box-type trucks with panels enclosing the cargo space can be turned into a mobile 3D display case. Many companies use these trucks for parades, product launches, furniture displays, and general rapid-awareness creation. Almost anything can be placed inside of the boxes for display.

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